What Can You Do With a Project Management Degree?

Project management is a wide-ranging field in which one can find employment as a project manager working in any number of industries including construction, database administration, information technology, and so on. Anyone considering this type of degree can get a masters in project management online through California State University Northridge in order to become a certified project management professional. Once you obtain a project management degree you will have the skills necessary to lead a team towards the accomplishment of any size project. A good project manager understands effective time management, knows how to get people to work together towards a common goal, fosters communication, listens and responds to challenges with a clear, level head, and above all, remains detail oriented at every step of the process.

A project management degree will help you develop this skill set so you have the proper tools for working in any high-pressure, fast-paced professional environment. It’s a degree that imbues the individual with the acumen for learning how to think on one’s feet, adapts to changing deadlines and goals, and creates a confidence for leadership in managing a team of workers. Every company wants high-quality employees who can think on their feet and deliver results quickly and correctly. A project management degree will give you those abilities and prepare you for a whole array of positions.

IT Project Manager

Project managers tasked with handling all the computer and information systems for a company or organization are in high-demand since so much of today’s business incorporates computer software and online components. Tasks associated with this type of employment include designing computer systems, implementing and updating new technologies, filing cost-benefit reports for current and future system additions and substitutions, working with outside vendors, and supervising the firm’s IT department.

Marketing Manager

Companies look to fill marketing management positions with qualified applicants who have a project management degree as well as some kind of business or marketing background. This type of project manager is tasked with designing and assessing marketing and promotional strategies to increase awareness of a company’s product line and increase sales by developing new and exciting methods for brand management.

Construction Manager

Project managers are an integral part of the construction industry. They’re the ones tasked with overseeing every stage of a construction project from planning to schedule to permit acquisition all the way to ensuring total safety on the job site. But that’s not all they’re tasked with doing, they also prepare estimates and maintain budgets and work in concert with contractors and sub-contractors at every level of the project to make sure it’s finished on time and on budget.

Sales Manager

Any team of salespeople whether they’re selling suits, appliances, or cars, must have a manager in place to ensure that projections are met, expenses budgeted and supervised, and sales reports completed with accuracy and clarity. They also help to train new team-members and act as a rallying cry to the group to meet the projected numbers for the fiscal quarter. A sales manager works closely with his or her own team as well as vendors, suppliers, and customers to keep the supply chain moving smoothly.


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