What Can You Do With a Sports Management Degree?

Pursuing a degree in sports management can provide you with the background for starting down the road on one of the many exciting career paths that will be available after you graduate. You can have a passion for sports, business, marketing, even law and finance, all of which play some part in the wide world of sports at all levels of competition.

Adelphi offers a sports management degree online, so does Claremont McKenna College, in fact many acclaimed colleges and universities are offering students sports management classes due to the increased demand for new applicants in the field. But what can you do with a sports management degree? You might be surprised at all of the many ways in which you could benefit from it. All you need is a love of the game and the willingness to devote yourself to obtaining a sports management degree. Many graduates work for professional teams, major and minor league offices even report on and analyze the current state of sports. You may have a goal in mind for your future in sports or business, but once you see what other avenues are available to you with this type of degree, you may find you have another calling altogether.

Sports Agent

You would actively try to find new emerging talent and sign future all-stars to long-term contracts with the teams that draft or trade for them, as well as brands offering endorsements, and of course, the agency for which you work or might even own someday. Agents negotiate deals for their clients and get a percentage of their salary. Depending on the deal that could be six to seven figures annually.

Marketing Guru

Players no longer exist solely on the field or court. They are turning into household brands which need to be properly marketed to expand their reach across the world. That means finding the right endorsement deals, making appearances, and keeping your client out of the spotlight should he or she be caught doing something bad in Las Vegas at three in the morning.

Ticket Broker

It is one of the biggest and most lucrative facets of the sports industry. Ticket brokers generate billions of dollars each year re-selling tickets to sold out events at a markup as high as 300% for some seats. When people can no longer use their season tickets, they turn to brokers and resale sites to get top dollar for tickets to the hottest events. You can get in on this deal with a sports management degree.

Sports Journalist

Radio, TV, the Internet, all of these forms of media provide hours of content and entertainment covering all of the biggest sports leagues. You can become a sports blogger or start a podcast. If you are really good, you’ll get noticed by one of the larger outlets like ESPN or FS1 and you could find yourself working for one of these global companies someday. Even Bill Simmons ended up at HBO after he started his own website in 2001.


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