How to use Spanish flashcards

Whilst learning foreign languages seems to be getting more popular each day, the methods also seem to be increasing rapidly.  However, sometimes the simplest solutions are always the best – which is why flashcards are still as efficient as ever. So if you’re keen to learn Spanish, perhaps you could do with learning how to use Spanish flashcards?

Why should I learn how to use Spanish flashcards though?

Well, before you go spending a lot – and we mean a LOT – on an online course such as Rosetta Stone to learn Spanish, why not try a far more simpler, efficient system that can have you understanding Spanish today?

More to the point, some language courses don’t always start you off with the sort of vocabulary and phrase you’re likely to need most. Think what it’s like as a tourist in another country… what do you need to know most?

How about …

  • The Spanish Alphabet
  • Numbers in Spanish
  • Colours and shapes in Spanish
  • Actions in Spanish

When you use Spanish flashcards, these are the sort of Spanish phrases and words that you learn first. Consequently, the Spanish flashcards give you confidence to start speaking in Spanish from the very first time.

How to use Spanish flashcards

The principle of flashcards is very simple, and suitable for all ages of learners. By printing spefici Spanish words and phrases, a learner can look at a card to read and understand the word, then move onto learning another.

After learning a few cards, the user can shuffle the deck of Spanish flashcards, turn over to the English word or phrase and try to guess the Spanish equivalent.

If the learner is correct, they can move on to the next Spanish flashcard in the pack. However, if they are incorrect, they place the flashcard back in the pack and so it will be tested again in a few cards’s time.

This method builds up confidence when learners get the words correct, but also tests and improves memory, which in turn increases retention. Knowing there is an instant  gratification in being correct, or not, helps the user recognise words and their Spanish equivalents.

Additional benefits of using Spanish flashcards

Although the concept is relatively simple, certain providers of Spanish flashcards such as WordUnited provide additional benefits to learners  by using ‘write and wipe’  cards. This way, additional words can be added to the Spanish flashcards to improve the range of vocabulary.

As an additional bonus, all Spanish words and letters are also available on their website, and a pronunciation guide helps learners perfect their spoken Spanish too.

Finally, when you’re considering how to use Spanish flashcards, here’s a final tip. Look for the flashcards that have eye-catching pictures and clear text, as this improves recognition and retention of the Spanish words, letters and alphabet.

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